Leadership Weekly Update 22.01.20

This week I wanted to focus on diversity as an important aspect of modern leadership, so I was mainly listening to podcasts and reading articles in that area. I found particularly interesting the conversation between Dr. Diane Hamilton and Tayo Rockson about D&I and an article by LaTonya Wilkins on illusions that stop us from promoting diverse talents.

Below my notes.

Get inspired and share some interesting podcasts and articles that have made you think this week! leadershipweeklyupdate


This is 3rd part of “Leadership Weakly Update”. I decided to focus only on one article and one episode of podcast a week in the area of leadership development and share my notes and take-aways on LinkedIn as antiFOMO remedy.

1 weekly update 22.01.20

2 weekly update 22.01.20

3 weekly update 22.01.20

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