Leadership Weekly Update 22.12.19

I’ve been developing leaders for more than a decade now as a business trainer, consultant, coach and a lecturer. That’s why I was really interested how to tap into the power of professional coaching in leadership programs. This conversation between Tom Kolditz, an internationally recognized expert on crisis management and the founding director of The Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University and Eddie Turner, The Leadership Excelerator® is full of inspiration how to do it right. The article I picked today (written by my colleague Makarand Kaprekar, a great business and team coach) explains how to improve teams with job fitment. Get inspired and share some interesting podcasts and articles that have made you think this week!



This is 2nd part of “Leadership Weakly Update”. I decided to focus only on one article and one episode of podcast a week in the area of leadership development and share my notes and take-aways on LinkedIn as antiFOMO remedy.


1 weekly update 20.12.19

2 weekly update 20.12.19

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