Leadership Weekly Update 29.01.20

However, this week inspirations seem to be far away from each other, I think that the problem of “side conversations” (gossip) is very acute in remote or hybrid teams.

Hence, suggestion for leaders to set high standards of cooperation in both the article and the podcast. Read the text by Amy C. Edmondson and listen to Collaboration Superpowers podcast.

Get inspired and share some interesting podcasts and articles that have made you think this week!

Below my notes.


What suggestions would you add if there is gossip/side conversation present in a company culture?


This is 4th part of “Leadership Weakly Update”. I decided to focus only on one article and one episode of podcast a week in the area of leadership development and share my notes and take-aways on LinkedIn and here as anti-FOMO remedy.

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weekly update 30.01.20 2

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